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PRODUCTION producers cast & credits

Production has already started. The first scenes have been shot between January and May 2007. While shooting it, the story is being developed further. Scenes have been written and continue to be written.

The website www.twentyninepalms.ca has been launched.

All contributors/ characters are starting to contribute their writings, music, films, photography and so on. The project will be edited online.

Going public provides an audience and anticipation with the characters. The audience will witness the changes of the 29 Palms inhabitants and spread the word, thereby creating a "buzz". Financing will become easier.

Group shows of individual chapters will be organized periodically, as the participating artists have completed them up till that point. The chapters for these exhibits can contain photographs, writings, poetry, music, sound, film, sculptures, performances, theatre, etc., depending on what has been produced.

Every photograph taken for the project will become art, as well as every piece of film. That holds great means for participating gallery owners and producers. If every photo becomes art, the production is less risky, because money will flow back into the project through the selling of that art. A calculation key for the selling needs to be found. Here is an example: Let's say a producer puts a certain amount of money into the project. In relation to how much he put in, he would be paid back through the selling of the art. The key for this could be as follows: 40% would go to the gallery showing (the usual percentage is 50%), 10% could go to the producer, 5% of the creator of the work's income should go to the actors in the photograph and the rest should go to the artist of that piece. For musicians, music should be produced and record deals made. For the writers, books should be published or theatre plays produced. A ll these possibilities are side effects of the long development and online process. The project will be watched as it is growing. The 29 Palms production period could take 2-5 years or more.

#########Here is a project by Sophie Calle. This project "Winter In Paris" has been pointed out several times when talking about 29 Palms. It is a very personal project about love by an amazing artist. It has some similarities to 29 Palms. It's amazing to take a look at it. Please visit: http://www.acrstudio.com/projects/word/paris/



PRODUCERS   production    cast & credits


The encounter with the project 29 Palms, CA is one of those lucky coincidences in life. From the very first moment it attracts you with its incredible energy, so that you simply want to respond to it immediately. It is one of those unique projects, in which you already feel a heart beating, which drives producers to look for promotions, to write urgent applications for financial support in order to be able to photograph, film, buy that motel to accommodate the infrastructure necessary to bring the sketches, scenes and music to life.

It is rare to find such a concentration of so many uniquely talented artists combined in one project, and then to have such an impressive person as Stefanie Schneider and her continuous eruptions of ideas as a driving force, who with her obsessive passion lives for and with her art. Their manic energy and promising visions in all directions awakens a longing to join in yourself and become a part of 29 Palms, CA and its activities in the expanding, total work of art.

Caroline Haertel studied Roman Literature at the Sorbonne in Paris and at Umberto Eco's Department of Semiotics at the Bologna University and completed her studies with a Master degree. She worked as a commissioning editor for the European TV channel ARTE and followed projects such as Wim Wender's Buena Vista Social Club. During their simultaneous pregnancy she started working with Mirjana Momirovic. Together they made the experimental documentary The Man Who is Measuring the Clouds about the visual artist / director / performer Jan Fabre, featuring Mike Figgis, Jan Hoet and Marina Abramovic. They recently founded their own production company MICA FILM in Berlin in order to be able to push projects they feel that have to be done with all their energy without having to convince external producers.

Mirjana Momirovic studied German Literature in Sarajevo and has worked for the Sarajevo Film Festival. She left Bosnia shortly before the war to study communication and film in Berlin. She completed her studies with as Masters degree. With MICA FILM she is currently preparing two documentaries in Bosnia, one being about the destruction and reconstruction of the Mostar Bridge and the bridge jumpers, and the other being about the hype surrounding a recently discovered could-be pyramid near Sarajevo.

MICA FILM is in the process of finding financing for the project in Germany.


CAST AND CREDITS production    producers

Stefanie Schneider - heart & soul of the project, initiator, artist, artistic director, designer & editor website; develops, writes and plays the character of STEVIE, THE PANICKED GERMAN FEMALE CALLER. For Vita, see Character Page STEVIE.

For more information on Stefanie Schneider please visit: www.instantdreams.net

Udo Kier
- associate producer; develops, writes and plays the character of THE GENIE aka HANS, THE DIRECTOR, aka THE DOCTOR. For Vita, see Character Page HANS.

Robert Mack
- develops, writes and plays the character of BOB THE RECLUSE. For Vita, see Character Page BOB THE RECLUSE.
Robert Mack is also co-developing and co-writing THE DOCTOR, THE GIRL BEHIND THE WHITE PICKET FENCE, THE GARBAGE TRUCK DRIVER  and the script in general.

Sophie Huber
-  develops, writes and plays the character of CINDY THE LONG TERM MOTEL GUEST; writes the music for her character, as well as some ambience music for the soundtrack. She will also contribute as a sound designer. For Vita, see Character Page CINDY.

Radha Mitchell -
structure, writing screenplay; develops, writes and plays the character of OXANA, THE ACTRESS. For Vita, see Character Page OXANA.

Camille Waldorf
- develops, writes and plays the character of THE MUSE / THE TOWN'S SHAMAN; writes the music for her character. For Vita, see Character Page THE MUSE.

JD Rudometkin - develops, writes and plays the character of LANCE WATERMAN, THE SMOKE JUMPER; writes the music for the characters Stevie and Lance; co-writer for scenes between STEVIE and THE SMOKE JUMPER. For Vita, see Character Page LANCE/ THE SMOKE JUMPER.

Daisy McCrackin - develops, writes and plays the character of CRISTAL; writes the music for her character. For Vita, see Character Page CRISTAL.

Renée Chabria - structures the script, develops, writes and plays the character of ALEX, THE MOTEL OWNER'S WIFE. For Vita, see Character Page ALEX.

Soraya Wright - develops, writes and plays the character of SORAYA, THE FOREIGN PRINCESS. For Vita, see Character Page SORAYA.

Cathy Lloyd Burns - develops, writes and plays the character of THE TELEMARKETER'S EX-WIFE. For Vita, see Character Page CATHY.

Austen Tate - develops, writes and plays the character of MARGARITA, THE TELEMARKETER'S SISTER. For Vita, see Character Page MARGARITA.

Romina Djelosevic - develops, writes and plays the character of the TICKET SELLER GIRL AT THE DRIVE IN BOOTH. For Vita, see Character Page TICKET SELLER GIRL.

Scott Springer, Derrik First - play THE POOLBOYS

Steve Marshall - develops, writes and plays the character of the THE LONELY HEART'S CHARISMATIC DJ. For Vita, see Character Page DJ.


Thom Bishops - develops, writes and plays the character of ANZAR, THE PRINCESS' BROTHER. For Vita, see Character Page ANZAR.


Max Sharam - develops, writes and plays the character of MAX, THE OPERA SINGER. She writes the music for her character and creates some animations for the project. For Vita, see Character Page MAX.


Kyle Larson - develops, writes and plays the character of the HANK, THE GARBAGE MAN. For Vita, see Character Page HANK, THE GARBAGE MAN.

Zoë Bicât - composer ambiance soundtrack
zoeZoë Bicât, a singer/song writer from England, started writing songs a capella with her sisters when they were children on long journeys in the back of the car. She moved on to piano, learnt the flute for several years and then taught herself guitar. Things sped up when Zoë lived in France for a year where she started to busk in the Paris metro and practise in the cellar of a youth hostel. She did her first gig at the 12 Bar Club in London with her sisters Kate and Hannah, both talented singers. In the following years has built a reputation as a distinctive artist. Zoë has recently collaborated with Jake Williams and Rich Thair, co-writing 3 tracks and singing on the new Toob album, which was released in April 2005. She is also working on other upcoming projects. Currently Zoë is gigging both in England an abroad while finishing her first full-length album. For more info, also see: www.zoebicat.com.

Sabine Dehnel
- artist and artistic designer for the DJ room (radio station), which will be used until we have a REAL location. The Lonely Hearts Radio Show will go on air via the website long before the film is completed. This way, the audience already gets to know the town, the characters and their stories before the film ever comes out. Also, the characters will learn about each other and feed of each other in their development. We will use Sabine and her exclusive and wonderful style of art for the purpose of creating the DJ room world for us. Sabine will also be the artist and artistic designer for the sets in front of which some of the characters will be filmed while they are speaking directly to the camera; the sets will emulate their actual locations (inside trailer, motel room etc.).

“The artist paints of the bodies of her models, makes their faces, calves, knees and hands glowing as red as a lobster. She treats their skin as subjectively as canvas, draws over body shapes and muscles, paints over pores. Painting becomes artificially staged and later photographed reality. Painting turns into a confusing and grotesquely striking media jungle / and Sabine Dehnel never aims at perfect illusion. “I am not interested in an authentic stock taking, but rather in the staging of moments. Those moments become restored to life in the studio in a peculiar manner.” Sabine Dehnel’s polyester jacket wearing man does not necessarily have to be dead. He might be asleep or he might even play asleep.”

(quote: Marc Peschke, foreword to 

Sabine Dehnel: Keine Ferien 

Galerie Schuster, Franfurt/Berlin, 2004)

Sabine Dehnel is a German artist, who received her first degree in Fine Arts and Philosophy at the Akademie für Bildende Künste der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz, Germany. She stayed on for two more years as master student. Afterwards she went to Los Angeles, where she received her MA Fine Arts from the Otis College of Fine Arts and Design. She now lives and works in Berlin. For more info, also see: www.sabinedehnel.de.


Rock I, C-Print / Diasec, 80 x 120 cm, 2002 Blätterwald I, C-Print
Diasec, 120 x 120 cm

Oliver Berger
- web programmer, passionate autodidakt and curious (hu)man.

Florian Reischauer - production, communication, printing, color correcting, technical support, editing assistance, photography assistance. 


Aurore Campbell - communication (french, german, english), coordination, color correcting, print retouching.

Jennifer Tall Kroftova - graphic design, communication, organisation, artist.
I am in the search for pictures that attain insight into the reality of humanity: mourning, vitality, eros, and suffering. I believe in the subversive power of asking in intractable and incessant ways, as if a satisfactory answer exists. I want to connect the loving with the fantastic.


© Jennifer Tall Kroftova 

Lance Waterman
editorial contributor website, communications, press.


World traveler, adventurer. Lance Waterman's lived in Canada, Australia, Kenya, Japan, Germany and Thailand. Found the key to dream fulfillment laid in the setting of wildly fantastic goals and then a simply solitary decision. "I take responsibility for everything that happens to me." Lance has been studying communications since 1991 with the help of his mentor Tony Robbins. Starting in advertising theory, then 2 local government elections in Byron Bay, Australia culminating with a successful election in 1997. Lance started working in visual communication in 2002 when he first moved to Berlin, Germany. A contemporary fine arts artist's liaison since 2005, developed into the project "29 Palms, CA" where working together with 'mica film" (Caroline Haertel)  produced a theater premiere of a short film "Till death do us part" complimented by a live concert performance at the Babylon theater, Berlin. Currently working on a documentary of the making of the film "The girl behind the white picket fence" by Stefanie Schneider.