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_Renée Chabria

She sits behind the front desk of the desert motel, bored out of her mind, watching the tumbleweeds roll by outside - seventeen, eighteen. How many has it been now? She's lost count.

In the next room, Ron, her husband sits watching TV, laughing at some "America's Funniest Home Video" clip.

"Ronnie?", she softly calls to him. He doesn't hear.

"Ronnie?", she tries a little louder.

"Yes, hon".

"Ronnie, do you love me?"

As if on autopilot, never removing his gaze from the TV, he replies, "Of course I do, Sunshine. You gotta know that by now...don't even need to ask me."

"I know, but it's just nice to hear it sometimes, though," she offers.

He busts up at something funny on the TV. "Hey, you oughta come in here and watch this. Funny stuff, hon."

"That's OK, hon,"

Her mind starts to drift again. She looks outside to the small, shabby swimming pool that's being cleaned by two local boys. It's the hottest part of the day and she wonders why they would be out working in such heat. Usually they come early in the morning to beat the oven-like rays of the sun. Maybe they went out last night and had a real good time. Tied one on and were too hung over to get out of bed. Or maybe they were shacked up with their girlfriends or just someone they picked up for the night. Yeah, that's probably it, someone they just met and they had great sex all night long and didn't want to get out of bed to clean some pool that probably nobody was gonna swim in anyway. Lucky them.

The dark-haired one pulls off his shirt, wads it up in a ball and wipes the sweat off his face and back. Darn, he sure is well-built, She sighs.

Then she thinks, what the hell...maybe she'll go down to the bar with her girlfriends tonight. That'll cut the monotony. They'll rip it up like they used to before she got married. All the guys couldn't take their eyes off of their little gang. Shit, yeah. It was only three years ago. She hadn't changed that much, at least not physically.

She looks outside again. Hmmm, the blonde one is damn good looking too. He takes a big long drink out of a water bottle and then pours some over his head to cool off. They laugh about something together.

Hell, maybe those two might be there tonight. What if they were? That could be kinda fun. Hmmmm...well, she wouldn't be wearing no Target tank top and flip-flops, that's for sure. No, she'd have on one of those cute little sundresses and some platform heels - all sexy-like to show off her cute legs. The dress would be short though...short to tempt the imagination.

What if they were there?

Well, she'd walk in with her two friends, Jolene and Brenda, and the boys would probably be playing a game of pool. Yeah, then she'd walk on over, swinging her hips, just enough but not too much. She'd ask them what they were up to and she'd say it sure was hot today. They'd agree. She'd laugh and tell them that they shouldn't be cleaning pools out there in the hottest part of the day. They'd smile and tell her something like, 'Ya gotta do what ya gotta do'. They'd all share a laugh.

Then she'd climb up on the pool table and lie there, all sexy, like one of those lounge singers on a piano, and she'd ask them if they wanted to play a different kind of game. They both smile.

That's when, miraculously, the entire place is suddenly empty. Everyone else has vanished and it's just the three of them now. Just the way it should be.

The dark-haired one gently starts to kiss her on the lips and she lays her head back in his lap as he plays with her hair, kissing her. He tells her she's beautiful.

The blonde one kisses her on the lips too...then he kiss the spot between her breasts...then her nipples and then down, toward her belly button...

Ummm...she feels warm - like sunshine all over her body. The blonde one starts to play with her...touching her lightly here and there...just enough to make her want more.

"Darn, girl...you're gorgeous," the blonde one tells her. He gently straddles her. "May I?", he asks.

"As long as you're sweet," she giggles.

"Sweet as cherry pie," he grins. He looks like a hungry wolf when he says it.

She sighs deliciously and leans back. He puts himself inside her...slowly. Mmmm...that's nice. So nice.

She leans further back, the feeling of the warm sun enveloping her body. She's floating now. Floating for a long time.

The sound of the desert wind causes her eyelids to flutter open. She's floating in the clear, blue water of the pool. She smiles to herself. The dark-haired one shouldn't worry. She'll be with him tomorrow. They all know each other so well by now.

She rolls over and dives under the cool water and swims...